Friday, April 21, 2017

Third Rochester, NY Police Officer Gets Paid Vacation After Yet Another Case of Excessive Force


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli announce suspension of third RPD cop.  

By Davy V. 

For the third time this week, another Rochester, NY Police officer has been suspended after using excessive force.

Suspended with pay of course.

Hence the "paid vacation" part of the title above.

In the latest incident, according to Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, RPD body-cam footage shows a 27-year veteran Rochester Police officer choking a handcuffed man.

Since choke holds can be fatal and therefore are illegal and against department policy, Chief Ciminelli said the FBI is assisting in the investigation.

Earlier this week, I posted a video to my YouTube channel DavyVTV which shows a black man being grabbed and lifted up off his dirt bike by Rochester, NY Police officers, and then body slammed to the ground.

That video led to two of the officers in that incident, both veteran RPD officers who were training new recruits, being suspended.

Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli refused to release the names of the three officers who have been suspended.

I will be updating this story.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two Rochester, NY Cops Suspended After Video Posted to YouTube Channel DavyVTV Shows Black Man Being Body Slammed by RPD Officers


Rochester, NY Cops Pull Black Man off Dirt Bike


The two veteran Rochester, NY Police officers suspended with pay after I posted a video to my YouTube channel DavyVTV, showing them body slamming Alexander Garries, a young black man who was riding his brand new dirt bike which his girlfriend had just bought him for his birthday, were training two rookie Rochester, NY Police officers the night they assaulted Garries.

One of those veteran RPD officers is Patrick Giancursio.

Officer Giancursio is being sued in three separate lawsuits, including one which was filed after he was captured on surveillance video running down another black man with his police cruiser.

According to Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, a body cam worn by one of the officers did not record the incident.



Alexander Garries


By Davy V.

Two Rochester, NY Police officers have been suspended after I posted a disturbing video to my YouTube channel DavyVTV on Tuesday, which shows a black man being body slammed to the ground and assaulted by several Rochester cops.

The video, which you can see below, shows the young man pulling into his driveway on his dirt bike, and two Rochester, NY Police cruisers with no emergency lights on, pulling in right behind him.

The young man is then pulled off his dirt bike and slammed to the ground by Rochester, NY cops.

The young man was not arrested and was given citations including for riding without a license.

The Rochester, NY Police officer who issued the citations is Officer Patrick Giancursio.

Giancursio is the same officer who is being sued for running down a black man with his police cruiser last year.

It's not clear if Rochester, NY Police officer Patrick Giancursio is one of the officers suspended.


Old MySpace photo of Rochester, NY Police officer Patrick Giancursio 


More recent photo of Rochester, NY Police officer Patrick Giancursio 

I will be updating this story.


Rochester, NY Cops Body Slam Pull Black Man 


Rochester, NY Police Chief Michael Ciminelli 


Alexander Garries' Dirt Bike


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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Keystone Cops 101: Do Rochester, NY Cops Even Know Their Own Badge Numbers?


Rochester, NY Police Officer Richardson is Completely Clueless as to His Own Badge Number 

By Davy V.

The badge has always been a proud symbol in the law enforcement profession.

It's one of the most recognizable symbols of being a police officer.

Right up there with a police officer's shiny police cruiser.

The badge is instantly recognized, especially in American culture.

In fact, hit television shows such as Dragnet, featured Sgt. Joe Friday's badge # 714 as the show's logo.


Sgt. Joe Friday's Badge #714 was the title logo of the hit television show

So why then, if the badge is such an important and proud symbol of law enforcement, are so many police officers completely clueless as to their own badge numbers?


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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Federal Judge: Rochester, NY Cop Once Involved in Ticket-Fixing Scandal, Violated Woman's Constitutional Rights


United States District Magistrate Judge Marian Payson

By Davy V.

A Federal Judge has ruled that a Rochester, NY Police officer violated a woman's constitutional rights when he pepper-sprayed and falsely arrested her, after she called police.

In July of 2010, Miriam McKnight called 911 to report a stabbing in the driveway of one of her neighbor's homes, where a party was being held.

Rochester, NY Police officer Gregory Vasile and Sgt. Mike Nichols responded.

Officer Vasile began to cordon off the area with yellow crime scene tape, and tied the tape to McKinght's porch.

McKinght told Officer Vasile that the stabbing didn't occur on her property, and that she didn't want the yellow tape tied to her property all night.

That's when Rochester Police Officer Gregory Vasile ordered McKinght to turn around.

"Put your hands behind your back, I've had enough of this shit," Vasile told McKnight.

Confused and upset, McKnight pulled away from Vasile.

That's when Officer Vasile pepper-sprayed McKinght, and charged her with resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration, commonly referred to as "O.G.A."

Both charges are commonly used by the Rochester, NY Police Department whenever they want to charge someone with something, but are not sure what to charge them with.

In other words, they're bullshit charges, and are often used together.

In McKnight s case, she ended up accepting sn adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or "ACD", which basically means that the defendant is on the hook for a set period of time.

If they're not charged with any new "crimes" during that time period, their original charge will be dismissed.

If they are charged with any new "crimes", the original charge will be renewed.

Miriam McKnight filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Rochester, NY, Rochester Police Officer Gregory Vasile, and Rochester Police Sgt. Mike Nichols, who assisted Vasile in her arrest.


When police arrived, Miriam McKinght had her cell phone in her hand.

And she pressed record.

McKinght was able to record a 13-second audio clip off her conversation with officer Vasile, immediately before he arrested her.

That 13-second audio recording is what helped Judge Payson see a lying Rochester, NY cop.

United States Magistrate Judge Marian Payson ruled that Rochester, NY Police Officer Gregory Vasile had no legal reason to arrest McKnight.

In her decision, Judge Payson wrote that in court testimony, Rochester Policd Officer Vasile provided a different account of the arrest.

Officer Vasile claimed that Miriam McKinght interfered in his ability to secure the crime scene.

He also said that he told McKnight that she was under arrest.

In her decision Judge Payson wrote that McKnight's audio recording "undercuts (Vasile's) suggestion that McKnight was actually interfering with Vasile's ability to secure the crime scene."


Judge Payson relied on McKnight's recording, which showed Officer Vasile was lying.

"During those 13 seconds, Vasile never issued McKnight any orders that she failed to obey or warned her that her behavior could result in arrest," Judge Payson wrote.

Judge Payson ruled that Officer Vasile did not have legal cause to decide that Miriam McKnight was interfering with his duties.

"While Vasile's interest in defusing that (crime scene) volatility and securing the scene was appropriate, his actions towards the civilians at the scene, be they suspects, witnesses, or bystanders, were still required to be bounded by the law and the Constitution," Judge Payton wrote.

Judge Payson ruled in favor of Miriam McKnight on her claims of false arrest, false inprisonment and battery.

Payson also decided that Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Mike Nichols did not violate Miriam McKnight's constitutional rights because when he intervened and assisted in McKnight's arrest, he was doing so thinking that Officer Vasile was conducting a lawful arrest.

As a result of the false arrest, Miriam McKnight suffered not only cuts and bruises on her arms from the handcuffs and from being manhandled by police, but she also suffered emotional scars.

Judge Payson will decide on monetary awards due McKnight, at a later date.

Now consider this.

Miriam McKnight's case is just one of thousands of cases of abuse on behalf of rogie, overzealous Rochester, NY cops who violate innocent citizens' constitutional rights every year.

Most incidents of police abuse go unreported.

And very few even get to see court, let alone becone part of a lawsuit.


If the name Gregory Vasile sounds familiar, it should.

In 2012, I wrote about Rochester, NY Police Officer Gregory Vasile's connection to a ticket fixing scandal involving the Rochester, NY Police Department, where senior members of the RPD voided tickets issued to off duty Rochester, NY cops and their family members.



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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rochester, NY Cop Racially Profiles Black Youth


Rochester, NY Police Officer Jonathan Laureano

By Davy V.

A video posted to Facebook over the weekend shows a Rochester, NY Police officer walking onto private property and asking a black youth for his name, simply because the young man looked at the officer.

Nishsean Napier had moved his mother's car Saturday afternoon to the opposite side of the street so she wouldn't get a ticket.

That's when Rochester, NY Police officer Jonathan Laureano drove by slowly, staring at Napier.

But when Napier looked back at Officer Laureano, well, Laureano thought that was suspicious.

So Rochester Police Officer Laureano turned around, stopped his cruiser in front of Nishsean's house, got out, and walked on Napier's porch, demanding that the youth give him his name, date of birth, and at one point, the RPD cop even asks the young man for his phone number.

Perhaps even more disturbing is how Nishsean's mother not only seems completely clueless as to her own son's constitutional rights, but also takes the cop's side, instead of her own child's, eventually giving the cop her son's name.

At one point she even criticizes her son for video recording and documenting the entire incident.



Rochester, NY Police Officer Jonathan Laureano Walks Onto Private Property.


Rochester, NY Police Officer Jonathan Laureano Asks Black Youth for His Name.


Another Rochester, NY Police Officer Stares Black Youth Down.



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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wegmans Food Markets Profits off Windstorm That Killed 6


Wegmans Profits off Storm That Killed 6

By Davy V.

Some companies will do anything for profit.

Take, for example, Wegmans Food Markets.

The Rochester, NY based company is selling "I SURVIVED THE WINDSTORM OF 2017" sweatshirts in their stores.

For $29.99

The windstorm which packed winds up to 81 miles per hour, and left more than 100,000 without power, some for at least a week, also brought down trees, many crushing houses, and snapped utility poles in half, downing power lines.

The windstorm killed 6 people in the Greater Rochester, NY area.m

Wegmans Spokeswoman Jo Natale said the sweatshirts have a been hit and sales have been strong.

My Dad, a Cuban immigrant who left Cuba in 1968, in search of a better life here in the United States, used to say that Americans will buy just about anything.

That is so true.

For Wegmans to profit off a windstorm which claimed innocent lives is not only insensitive, it's disgusting.


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Saturday, March 25, 2017

(VIDEO) Former Rochester, NY Police Chief and Mayoral Candidate James Sheppard is a Hypocrite


Former Rochester, NY Police Chief and Rochester Mayoral Candidate James Sheppard

By Davy V.

When he was Chief of the Rochester, NY Police Department, James Sheppard believed in stop and frisk and racial profiling.

James Sheppard was known for his heavy handed police tactics, without any regard for citizens' constitutional rights.

In fact, in a 2012 press conference while he was introducing the "Zero Tolerance" policy Rochester Police Chief Sheppard looked at the news cameras and said, "If you're riding a bike and it doesn't have a bell, we're gonna stop you, if it doesn't have lights, we're gonna stop you."

As Police Chief, James Sheppard allowed rogue officers with ladies big histories of abusing people, to continue that abuse.

He literally looked the other way.

While I am no fan of Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, during a recent radio interview, Warren as asked how she would rate her former police chief.

"He had a different style of policing," Warren said.

"I think it was heavy handed."

In the clip (which I've included the link to below), Warren says Sheppard's policing was a disservice to the Rochester community.

You can listen to clip by clicking link below 

As Rochester Police Chief, James Sheppard lacked transparency.

Sheppard's lack of transparency continued even 
after he retired from the Rochester Police Department and was elected as a Monroe County Legislator.

In 2015, Monroe County, NY Clerk Adam Bello said that James Sheppard was one of several public officials who personally benefited from the illegal waiving of fees for him and members of his family.

Only after the story went public, did James Sheppard pay the fees.

On Friday, just like a politician, James Sheppard showed up to a downtown Rochester rally in support 
of immigrants.

Let's break that down.

James Sheppard.

Who believed in stop and frisk and racial profiling of blacks and Latinos.

Showed up to a rally supporting immigrants.


James Sheppard Gets Into his Illegally Parked Cadillac Coupe

Also in the video, check out how James Sheppard still has that entitled, above the law mentality which comes with the badge.

After Sheppard walks away from me when I ask him several questions, watch as Sheppard, who is accompanied by a young man, gets into his silver Cadillac coupe, which by the way is parked illegally, and then fails to signal when pulling out, a violation which YOU or me would be stopped and fined for.


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