Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rochester, NY Cops Tell Davy V. They Don't Need Anyone to Keep Them Honest


Rochester, NY Police officer Kaminski Tests to See if Substance Found During Illegal Search is Narcotics.

It wasn't.

By Davy V.

The Rochester, NY Police Department is one of the most dirtiest, abusive, and corrupt law enforcement agencies in the country.

A dark history of abuse which dates back to Rochester's 1964 race riots.

A dark history which includes former Rochester, NY Police Chief Gordon Urlacher, convicted of embezzling $225,000 from the department, while at the same time turning a blind eye to civil rights abuse being commuted by members of his HIT Squad, a street level drug task force team known for beating and torturing black and Latino drug dealers, while stealing their drugs and cash.

In more recent years, the Rochester, NY Police Department has repeatedly made national headlines for atrocities committed by its rogue cops, including but not limited to: violating citizens' constitutionally protected first amendment right to record, racially profiling, and arresting several African-American high school basketball players for doing nothing more than STB (Standing While Black) as they were waiting for a city bus in downtown Rochester to get to their game, punching a pregnant black woman in the head, and then ramming her stomach first into a wooden porch post, and in another case, kneeing another pregnant black woman.


Again, the Rochester, NY Police Department is one of the dirtiest agencies around.

Which is why I had to ask several Rochester, NY cops to repeat themselves Thursday afternoon, when they simultaneously told me that they don't need anyone to watch over them and monitor them, because they can do that themselves.

But that's exactly the problem with the Rochester, NY Police Department, and police agencies throughout the country.

The fact that they police, and investigate themselves.

It's the whole thin blue line, blue wall, and code of silence that comes with the good ol' boys club.

Check out the videos below, as I was doing my regular copwatching, or as I like to call it, "Watching the Watchers", and came upon a traffic stop of two Latino men, by four RPD cops.

All for a V&T.

That's Vehicle and Traffic, for those of you who may not be familiar with cop speak.


Apparently in Rochester, NY, one of the poorest cities in the U.S., where real crime is happening 24/7, it's necessary to tie up four cops for a vehicle and traffic violation.

According to one of the young men, they had just purchased a van and were driving it home with expired plates.

But boy were these RPD cops thirsty.

Check out how they try their damnest to find something more to hit these men with, other than a simple V&T infraction.

To the point where they even tested what they thought was narcotics.

In the end the men's handcuffs are removed and they're let go, with several tickets.



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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why I Support Brighton, NY Cops Crackdown on Distracted Drivers


Brighton, NY Police Officer Mark Skidmore Pulls Over Motorist Near Twelve Corners




Unmarked Police Vehicle Drives Through Red Light in Twelve Corners, Brighton, NY

By Davy V.

Just a few hours after my writing about the Brighton, NY Police Department's crackdown on distracted motorists driving recklessly around the Twelve Corners intersections in Brighton, NY, my DavyVTV DASHCAM captured a disturbing video involving an unmarked law enforcement vehicle.

In the video below, an unmarked black Chevy Impala law enforcement vehicle with NY Plate FLH 1498 is seen running a yellow traffic light which actually turns red before the vehicle even goes through it completely, which raises an important question.

Could the law enforcement official driving the Impala, have stopped?

Especially given the recent attention to the Twelve Corners area, where the Brighton, NY Police Department has intensified its patrol in the area.

In the video below, just as the unmarked police vehicle goes through the intersection, a bicyclist is seen on the corner waiting to cross the intersection.

Also in the video, a black SUV traveling behind the law enforcement vehicle, clearly runs a red light, proving just how dangerous the Twelve Corners intersections are.




By Davy V

The Twelve Corners intersections in Brighton, NY are some of the most dangerous intersections in Monroe County.

Every day, all day, distracted drivers, including soccer moms driving their gas guzzling SUV's, check their hair and makeup in their rear view mirrors, speed through the Twelve Corners intersections, text on their cellphones, blow right through red lights, and cut off pedestrians, especially students walking to and from, not one, but two schools.

As the name states, Brighton's Twelve Corners Middle School is located right at one of the intersections of Twelve Corners, and Brighton High School is located just a couple of hundred feet away, 

Add to that a cramped, busy shopping plaza located at one of the corners, and frankly I'm surprised someone hasn't been run over and/or killed.

As someone who was hit and nearly killed by a distracted driver several years ago, I 100 percent support a recent crackdown by the Brighton, NY Police Department on distracted drivers in Twelve Corners.

Frankly, it's long overdue.

Now if Brighton, NY Police Chief Mark Henderson can lead by example by ordering that his cops not use their cell phones, especially for personal calls, while driving, then that would be even better.

Oh yeah, and how about taking all that revenue generated from the crackdown fines, and donating it to the homeless?


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Saturday, October 15, 2016

New York State Police Agencies Putting Innocent Lives at Risk by Using Unmarked Vehicles to Pull Over Motorists in Order to Generate Revenue


Unmarked New York State Police Chevy Tahoe Pulls Motorist Over on Interstate 390 Near Rochester, NY. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)


Monday morning I took a drive down to the New York State Troop E Barracks in Rochester, NY.

The NYSP Troop E barracks, located on Scottsville Rd., right behind the Greater Rochester airport, is the same barracks which is using unmarked police vehicles to pull over motorists for traffic violations, such Elaine Capriccio, who was pulled over recently near Rochester, NY, after being followed for several miles.

At first Capriccio didn't know who was following her since the unmarked Chevy Tahoe being used by the NYSP, had no markings identifying it as a police vehicle.

You can read my full story below.

Also, as you can see in the video below, Monday I spoke with New York State Trooper Finney.

I want to say something.

While I have been critical of the New York State Police, the fact of the matter is that if there's one police agency which has for the most part handled themselves professionally over the years, it's the New York State Police.

Again, there's been some incidents, of course, but my point is that the New York State Police is usually more professional than other city and town law enforcement  agencies.

In fact, the New York State Police has investigated incidents of misconduct and corruption involving other police agencies.

In the Rochester area, the New York State Police was involved in a high profile corruption scandal involving the Greece, NY Police Department in 2008.

That's when former Greece, NY Police Sgt. Nick Joseph rear ended a stalled vehicle with a pregnant woman inside, nearly killing her, her unborn child, and her boyfriend.

Sgt. Joseph, who was high on cocaine as well as drunk, fled like a coward, but was later arrested, charged, and convicted, thanks in large part to a great investigation by the New York State Police.

The New York State Police investigation also led to other arrests, and convictions of Greece, NY cops including Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn and Gary Pignato.


Back to Troop E barracks.

In the video below, I ask a very professional and courteous Trooper Feeney about the use of unmarked vehicles.


New York State Trooper Feeney



By Davy V.

Elaine Capriccio had no idea who was following her closely behind on Interstate 390 near Rochester, NY last month after getting on the highway when she got out of work around 11:30 p.m

The mother of two young children was so scared that she called her husband.

"I didn't know what to do," Capriccio told me during a recent phone interview.

"I mean all of a sudden I see this big black truck with tinted windows and it just came out of nowhere, and followed me for at least two, maybe three miles."

"My husband told me to hang up and call 911."

And that's exactly what she did.

But what Capriccio didn't know was that she was in for a big surprise.

"I'm on the phone with 911 and I'm looking in my rear view mirror and it was then that I see police lights not on top like a normal police cruiser, but instead like hidden away inside the grill of the truck."

Capriccio proceeded to tell the 911 operator about the lights, and also where she was.

"Ma'm, you're being pulled over by a New York State trooper."

"That's exactly what she told me," Capriccio said.

The 911 operator was right.

All along Capriccio was being followed and eventually pulled over by a New York State trooper.

"The trooper asked me if I had had anything to drink," Capriccio said.

"I told him absolutely not I just got out of work, and that was it, he told me to have a goodnight."

On April 17, 1996, New York State Governor George Pataki issued an executive order ending the practice of law enforcement agencies using undercover, unmarked police vehicles to pull over motorists for traffic violations.

Pataki's executive order was prompted by innocent motorists being targeted by criminals driving private vehicles, impersonating law enforcement officers.


New York Governor George Pataki's Executive Order Banning Law Enforcement Officers From Using Unmarked Vehicles to Pull Motorists Over 

But that all changed in 2008 when then New York State Governor David Paterson lifted the ban, once again allowing New York State law enforcement agencies to use unmarked vehicles to pull motorists over.

And as a result, once again putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk of being targeted by criminals.

All in order to generate more revenue for the state.

There you have it, New York State taxpayer dollars at work.


Unmarked New York State Police Chevy Tahoe Pulls on Interstate 390 Near Rochester, NY. 




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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Brighton, NY School Principal Singles Out, Berates My Son, Orders Him to Remove T-Shirt She Deems "Inappropriate"


T-Shirt Brighton, NY School Principal deemed inappropriate 

By Davy V.

As the son of Cuban immigrants who fled Castro's totalitarian dictatorship in search of freedom and a better life for their family, I don't take freedom of speech for granted.

Not for one second.

And if there's one thing I detest, it's government, be it on a local, state, or federal level, infringing on my constitutional rights as an American.

Which is why I'm very concerned about an incident involving my own son which took place Thursday at his school.

That's when a Brighton, NY TCMS Principal stopped my 13-year old son in the hallway.

"Hey Vara!,"  principal Betsy Balling yelled to my son, as he walked to class.

Balling then proceeded to interrogate my son about the meaning of his t-shirt, a black short sleeve t-shirt with two polar bears on the front and the words "LETS MAKE A PANDA."

Principal Balling then berated my son in front of students and ordered him to go into the school bathroom and turn his shirt inside out.

My son, being the respectful young man that I have raised him to be, complied with the woman's demand.


First of all, personally, I don't think there's anything inappropriate about the shirt.

Second of all, yes, obviously this is a story which hits home for me because it involves my son.

But even if it wasn't my son, if it was any other student, I'd still write about it.

And this is why.

While I'm sure that many parents wouldn't have an issue with a school principal or educator ordering their child to do something, I do.

Especially in this case.

You see, not only do I feel this Principal Balling was out of line, as I don't find the shirt inappropriate, especially since it is void of any profanity, nudity, etc. (which my son would never wear), but as a father, I take issue with ANYONE approaching my child, yelling at them, interrogating them, and then ordering them to remove and/or hide their clothing, simply because they unilaterally decided that said item of clothing is inappropriate.

According to them.

And I especially take issue with the fact that I was never notified by any school official.


Brighton, NY Town Supervisor Bill Moehle

So, is this personal?

Was my son singled out as it appears to me, when the school principal yelled "Hey Vara!", because of who his father is?

I don't know.

But I do know this.

I've lived in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester, for several years.

And while I won't go into details at this time, I can tell you that I've been targeted and harassed by town officials on multiple occasions.

And I'll also say this: The Town of Brighton, NY is playing with fire, teetering on the edge of having a federal lawsuit being brought against it, and its Supervisor Bill Moehle. 

I'll end with this.

I'm far from a dummy.

My parents didn't flee Castro's communist regime, in doing so, leaving their own families behind, never to see them again, to come to this country and have their grandson be accosted in a school hallway and ordered to remove his clothing.

I will be updating this piece.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Body-Cam Video: White Rochester, NY Cop Calls Black Woman "an Animal"


Rochester, NY Cops Arrest Black Woman, after Pepper-Spraying, Tackling her in Front of her 6-Year Old Child

By Davy V.

In Body-cam footage which the Rochester, NY Police Department edited, covering police officers faces with pixels in order to cover the identity of cops who just terrorized an innocent child, a white Rochester, NY cop can be heard telling a little black girl that her mother is "an animal."

Just minutes after Rochester, NY cops pepper-sprayed, tackled, and arrested a Black mother in front of her 6-year old daughter, for doing nothing more than stand on a public sidewalk and express her concern for her boyfriend who was being arrested by police, a white Rochester, NY cop is heard talking to the young child, at first telling her to cheer up, and then telling the child that her mother is an animal.

"Sorry your mother's an animal."

That's what a Rochester, NY Police officer tells a young child as he walks away from her.

A young child who has just been traumatized, having seen several men in dark uniforms with gins, pepper-spraying, tackling, assaulting, and arresting her mother.

So much for "Protect and Serve".



By Davy V.

Just two days after Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and her police Chief Michael Ciminnelli announced the creation of a new position within the Rochester, NY Police Department, that of Deputy Chief of Community Relations, a disturbing video posted on Facebook September 15th by a man named Clarence Thompson, shows several white Rochester, NY cops retaliating against, pepper-spraying, and arresting innocent black bystanders, including Thompson, who recorded the video.

In the video, Rochester, NY cops can be seen on top of a person, laying on the street.

A white Rochester, NY Police officer is then seen ordering a black woman, who has been identified by Rochester City officials as Latorya Parker, off a public city sidewalk, near the intersection of Hollenbeck Street and Avenue A, right in front of her own home.

The man laying on the street is Parker's boyfriend.

When the woman tells the officer the sidewalk isn't his, he replies, "Yes it is my sidewalk.!"

Several cops, from the Rochester Police Department's Clinton Section, then rush the black woman, pepper-spraying her, grabbing her, twisting her arms and assaulting her, then tackling her to the ground inside her own property line.

Private property.

Parker's 5-year old daughter can be heard crying in the vides, as she witnessed the Rochester cops assaulting and tackling her mother.

In the video,, Latorya Parker can be heard crying, "I can't see!", after being pepper-sprayed.


Rochester, NY Cops Rush Woman on Private Property after Pepper-Spraying Her.

The video, which is being recorded by a man sitting in his car, then shows as the man exits his car to get a better angle of the Rochester cops assaulting the black woman.

That nan is Clatence Thompson.

A few seconds later, a Rochester, NY cop grabs Thompson, telling him "You're under arrest."

Police then place Thompson's phone on top of his car, with the camera facing down, but the video continues recording.

At the end of the video, a Rochester, NY Police officer is heard asking Thompson how to turn the video recording off.

Both Clarence Thompson and Latorya Parker were arrested by Rochester Police.

Clarence Thompson refused to return several messages I sent him for comment.

In the end of the video, Thompson can be heard actually telling the Rochester, NY Police officer who arrested him and took his phone, that he can go ahead and erase the video if he wants.

While I always tell folks to NEVER resist, and to NEVER be disrespectful or use any obscenities towards police, as frankly, it can and most often will just make matters worse, I find the fact that Clarence Thompson actually gave a police officer permission to erase his video, very disturbing.


Just Two Days Before Video, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and RPD Chief Michael Cimminelli
Introduced Wayne Harris as Deputy Chief of Community Relations    


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Friday, September 30, 2016

Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode Would Deny his Own Children Their Constitutional First Amendment Right as Americans: "My Two VanBrederode Children Would Not be On That Field Taking a Knee."


Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode

By Davy V.

Speaking on Rochester, NY's Bob Lonsberry show on WHAM 1180 radio Friday morning, Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode said he would in essence violate his own family's constitutional right to free speech.

Asked by Bob Lonsberry what he thought of a local Rochester high school boys soccer team taking a knee and refusing to stand for the singing of the national anthem, much like NFL star Colin Karpernick has vowed to do in wake of police shootings of blacks across the country, Chief VanBrederode said he would not allow his children to do the same.

"My two VanBrederode children would not be on that field taking a knee," VanBrederode said.



Here's my question.

If Gates, NY Police Chief  James VanBrederode rules his family with an iron fist, to the point where he would deny his own children the freedom of self expression and individuality, how does he run his own department when it comes to respecting citizens' constitutional rights?

In a Frieudian slip sort of way, I believe he just told us.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rochester, NY's World of Inquiry School Soccer Team Should Take a Knee Against Black on Black Violence


World of Inquiry School Soccer Team Team Takes a Knee During National Anthem

By Davy V.

I get it.

As a Latino, and father of two African-American and Latino children, I get it.

As a second generation police accountability activist, who has dedicated the past 20-plus years of my life to exposing police misconduct and corruption, I get it.

But what I don't get, and what I will never get, and what I can't stand, is hypocrisy.

A hypocrisy that for years has run rampant in Rochester, NY.

I'm talking about a recent incident in my hometown of Rochester, NY, where the entire boys soccer team from the World of Inquiry School took a knee during the playing of the national anthem last week, a la Colin Karpernick, as a protest to police killings of blacks.

I get it.

In fact, I more than get it.

As a staunch advocate of free speech, I not only support the right of the WOI boys soccer team, to take a knee during the national anthem, but I will support ANYONE who excercises his or her first amendment right to free speech.

However, just as I have been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, for what I, along with many others feel is their hypocrisy in failing to denounce black on black violence and express the same, if not more angst when it comes to black on black violence, as members of BLM demonstrate whenever a white cop kills a black person, I also feel that the World of Inquiry School varsity soccer team, each and every player, are hypocrites.

To take a knee because now it's the cool thing to do, but not to speak out, protest, or in any way denounce, black on black violence, is hypocritical.

To jump on the bandwagon and take a knee at some soccer game while ignoring black on black genocide, is hypocritical.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that those kids don't even know what they're doing or why they're doing it.

Other than to get attention.


Like I've said, and like I will continue to say, the real enemy of young black youths, is NOT the police.

It's other black youths.

Black lives are being stolen by young black men, and women, who have absolutely no respect for human life.


Latasha Shaw was beaten and stabbed to death in 2007

On September 29, 2007 Latasha Shaw, a beautiful black woman and hardworking mother rushed to help her daughter who had been jumped, and was being beaten just a few blocks away on Dewey Avenue in Rochester, NY.

Latasha Shaw was beaten and  stabbed to death, as dozens of people looked on, but did nothing to intervene.

Latasha Shaw died defending her child.

Latasha Shaw's life was stolen by the hands of another black life.


All this took place just a couple of blocks away from Aquinas High School.

The same place where the World of Inquiry School boys soccer team took a knee during the national

Because all of a sudden it's the cool thing to do now.

I just wish they would take a knee against black on black homicide.

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